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Sleepless Studios House Rules


Sleepless Studios Community Guidelines

At the heart of Sleepless Studios lies our commitment to fostering a creative sanctuary. To achieve this, maintaining a secure and positive environment is paramount. As valued members of both our studio and the wider community, we kindly request your adherence to several core guidelines during your time at Sleepless Studios:

Invite only those individuals to the studio whom you would welcome into your own home. You are wholly accountable for the studio space, its contents, and the conduct of those you permit entry during your reservation.

Sleepless Studios is committed to a smoke-free environment. Smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited across all areas of the studio. Violations, by either you or your guests, will incur a financial penalty, monitored by round-the-clock CCTV surveillance. Triggering the fire alarm due to smoking or vaping activities will result in additional fines.

Noise Control, while we have done our best to reduce noise to a minimum outside, please try managing noise levels within the studio, especially in shared spaces, to avoid disturbing other sessions.

Diversity and Inclusion Commitment, We are dedicated to fostering an environment where creativity flourishes free from discrimination. We celebrate diversity and encourage respect, kindness, and inclusivity in all interactions within our studio. Let's support each other in creating a welcoming space for all.

We enforce a strict no-tolerance policy regarding drugs and illegal substances on the studio premises, including outdoor areas. Alcohol consumption is also forbidden. Our security personnel monitor the premises 24/7 via CCTV to ensure compliance.

Be mindful of our neighbors. Please exit Sleepless Studios respectfully and promptly, minimizing noise and avoiding congregating outside the building.

You are encouraged to have guests during your session but bear full responsibility for their actions and behavior within the studio.

Please keep studio doors closed to respect the focus of other artists and conserve energy by turning off air conditioning or heating units before leaving.

Maintain a safe distance between liquids and studio equipment to prevent damage. Clean up any spills immediately, with paper towels available in the kitchen.

Leave the studio in a tidy state after your session. Organize equipment, dispose of litter appropriately, and ensure a quiet departure to respect our neighborhood.

Should any equipment malfunction or damage occur, inform us promptly via live chat or email.If there are issues impacting your session that were not your fault we will offer a full refund.

Due to sound reduction efforts there is a step into every room. By entering Sleepless Studios you are aware of the tripping risk and waive all right to injuries from falling or tripping. 

These are guidelines, actual fines may vary: The minimum fine for infractions starts at $50, with detailed fines outlined in our Terms & Conditions for various breaches, including but not limited to:

$150 for vaping within the studio, except designated smoking areas;
$180 for drinking alcohol on the premises
$180 for smoking violations inside the studio, save for designated areas;
$205 for triggering the fire alarm through prohibited activities;
Up to $410 for excessive untidiness in studio or communal spaces;
Up to $335 for illegal substance use or possession within studio premises;
$105 for exceeding capacity limits, unauthorized parties, or gatherings;
$105 for equipment damage due to misuse;
$105 for tampering with security or fire safety equipment;
Costs for replacement or repair of studio property damaged during your session.

Fees accrue until the total is determined, with Sleepless Studios reserving the right to impose full charges without discounts, unless a written agreement states otherwise. Charges include, but are not limited to, additional security measures and overstay fees, with the right to bill for unauthorized extra guests post-booking.

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